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Comedy Central
Feb 4, 2013 7:25pm PST
at the center of a plit conversation when at half time during a football game tragedy in kansas city. >> right jon: with the football player who killed himself and then his girlfriend. you spoke of a gun culture >> right jon: and... quoted jason whitt lock a columnist from kansas city and now writes for the fox sports website who never mentioned the second amendment or gun control but talked about a gun culture which i do believe exists. it's an attitude toward guns. obviously i think any sane person believes that we ought not to have high capacity magazines and assault rifles and that there ought to be background checks. you should be in a country where 40% of the gun purchases are done without a background check, where it's so easy to circumvent the existing laws. we can tighten all that stuff up without repealing the second amendment >> jon: how do you define it very quickly? >> you know what? i'm not exactly sure what sane is, but i know a lot of what i heard in the after math is insane >> jon: what did it feel like to be in the epicenter of i guess you became the polarizing magnet in the
Comedy Central
Feb 19, 2013 10:00am PST
now that's a tough joke, new york city -- makes that thing about drowning a baby look like "knock knock," right? and audiences everywhere, whether they're being televised or not, always have a problem with that joke, and they're always like, "hold on a second, anthony. clearly, you're brilliant." [ laughter ] "but we've got concerns about you as a human being." [ laughter, cheers and applause ] yeah. "are you really like this offstage? do you really do these things you joke about?" and right here, guys, i always draw a line, and i say, "no, of course not." 99% of these, i just make up... 'cause i'm clever." [ laughter ] but that last one, oh, i did that twice... [ laughter ] the same guy. [ laughter and applause ] you guys have been great. this next joke is gonna be my last joke, and i don't think i'm giving anything away here when i tell you it's amazing. [ laughter ] good news, everybody. my little brother was just awarded his black belt in tae kwon do. [ laughter, cheers and applause ] yeah. thank you. he'll be happy to hear that. and the entire family was really proud of
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2